Privjet Express Help

Say first who you are (First and lastname)

Then from where  you are calling (City, hotel, street or adress).

Then tell shortly about what you need help with.

Then we will offer you the assistance that we can!

  + 7 921 177 3397  

Express situations


Last minute bookings.

Accident happened.

I need interpreter.

I need a lawyer.

I need a transfer.




Express help will be charged with ordinary prices plus  express fee.

There is many situations that you can need some help.


We will do our best to help you, but inside reasonable limits.


This service will cost you more than we will ordinary charge for this, but also inside reasonable limits.


Do not hesitate to take contact.


You can call us on this phone number, and we will advise you as good as we can.


Please notice that we will try our best, but cannot make any guaranty.


  + 47 21394788/ +7 921 177 3397  

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