First, you need an buisness invitation to apply for a Russian buisness visa.


Your application form and passport copy will be required. You can scan the documents, and send them to us  in our application form.



Depending on the requested visa duration and specific consulate rules some other documents might be required. It is not uncommon that an HIV test might be required.


Your Visa To Russia specializes on Russian business invitations



Important note: Please note that Russian visas are issued purely according to the information on the invitation. It is important therefore that the information on the request form must match the Traveler's passport and Russian travel plans exactly. Failing to do so might result in VISA rejection at the Embassy.


The passport information on the request form must match the Traveler's passport exactly. Name, Date of Birth, Citizenship, Passport Number and Passport Issue Date must be correct and identical.


Once applied no corrections can be made to the Russian Invitation other than Filling a new Form. We request all are valued customers to always double check the information on the Preview page before Submitting the application.



Download the form below, fill-in and send by e-mail together with a photo/copy of your passsport´s info page to: 

What is Russian busiess visa invitation?


It is a special documents confirming that a Russian business visa is applicable when you intend to visit Russia for consultation, negotiations or business trip.

There are 3 types available for you: -Single/-Double/-Multiple.   It can be given from 1 month up to 1 year. According to the law of the Russian Federation you will be able to spend maximum 90 days in the countryin any given 6 months periode.  For example, if you get your 6 months multiple visa, you can stay in Russia not more than 90 days in that periode.  You can spend 90 in a row or 90 days combined from multiple visits. Stays of more than 90 days require a residence- og work-permit.  NOTE  Please, remember that it doesn't give you a right to work in Russia and get salary. For this purpose you will need a working visa and work permit.

Russian Travel Service specializes on Russian business visa invitations

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