Icebreaker Lenin

Icebreaker Lenin

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The nuclear-powered ice breaker "Lenin" is the first in the world vessel with nuclear powered installation. The vessel was built in Saint Petersburg and put into operation on December 3 1959. In 1989 Lenin was decommissioned. During thirty years the vessel worked on the Nothern Sea Rout, passed 654400 miles, 560600 miles in ice, and escorted 3741 vessels.

Great experience to learn about Russian naval power,expeditions and how ice breakers work,especially Lenin,world's first nuclear powered ice breaker.They are pretty strict with the timings and there are options for English guided tour too.You will learn fun anecdotes of various dignitary visitors of the ship and a great option of a day trip.
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    Minimum 2 pax.

    1 hours 30 minutes.


    -Transport T/R from your destination.
    -Entrance fee.

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