Kirkenes sentrum - Murmansk

Kirkenes sentrum - Murmansk

kr 1 100,00Pris
Kirkenes and Murmansk are serviced by Borodinbus.
Departure every day, see information.

To garuantee a place on these buses we advice to make a reservation here minimum 2 days before departure.
  • Details

    Departure every day, and 4-5 Hours driving time.

    Point of departure in Murmansk is Hotel Meridian and Park Inn Polyarny Zory Hotel.

    To guarantee a place on these buses it is advised to make a reservation.

    Sun-Fri Departure Murmansk 07:00(Lokal Time)
    Sat Departure Murmansk 07:00 (Lokal Time)

    Sun-Fri Departure Kirkenes 14:00(Lokal Time)
    Sat Departure Kirkenes 15:00(Lokal Time)

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