Murmansk City Tour

Murmansk City Tour

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1. Alosha
A lovely monument on a hill top, it offers splendid views of the city and peace and quiet. You might catch sight of bridal couples posing there for wedding photos and offering their tributes. Also a good place to know about the hero cities of Russia...definitely worth a visit.

2. Church of the Savior on Waters.
This church is on the way to the giant statue and only a few hundred steps from the lighthouse commemorating the sailors lost at sea. The church is very attractive and has many icons and reliquaries inside.

3. Murmansk State Awards.
Memorial Complex to the Soldiers and Seamen Who Died in Peaceful time.

4. Ogni Murmansk.
A nice place to have an sight over the long city of Murmansk.

5.Trifon from Pechanga Monastery.
In the world's northernmost monastery.

6. City center memorials.
Bredova, Kirill and Mefodiev, Five corners square and Hotel Artica.

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    Minimum 2 pax.

    2 hours 30 minutes.


    -Transport T/R from your destination.

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