Oceanarium Tour

Oceanarium Tour

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Murmansk Oceanarium - Europe's only aquarium complex to study Arctic seals, which solves complex problems of environmental education, education and public awareness.

Birthday of oceanarium is October 4, 1996, when it was built and opened in Lake Semenovskoe.

Oceanarium today - is not only a platform for leisure and recreation Murmansk, for young and old people, but also an educational center, enabling pupils and students, and learn about the Arctic sea world, to gain knowledge about marine mammals. Several thousand residents of Murmansk and visitors of the region visited aquarium.

Animals artists are glad to present solo and group numbers, to demonstrate their acrobatic and artistic skill.

A pleasant surprise for the guests of the oceanarium is a beautiful and informative film about laser Arctic pinnipeds.
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    Minimum 2 pax.

    2 hours 30 minutes.


    -Transport T/R from your destination.
    -Entrance fee.

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