Transport insurance

Transport insurance

Motor insurance against car theft or damage as a result of various events (Transport insurance).

We provide advantageous insurance conditions.

·You will be the sole party to determine the number of drivers allowed to drive the insured vehicle, i.e. from one to an unlimited number of persons;

·We do not impose strict rules and limitations with regard to the exact place your vehicle is kept.

·The prescribed insurance amount is not reduced after the payment of insurance compensation.

·In the event of minor damage of a vehicle the compensation is paid without submission of certificates from the authorized authorities.

·In case of need we will have your car evacuated to a service center or to our dedicated parking free of charge.
  • Details

    You will have flexible discounts:

    · for the installation of satellite anti-theft system;

    · for the complex insurance services;

    · for non-recurrent payment of an insurance premium;

    · for insurance without losses;

    · for clients coming from other insurance companies;

    · for employees of our corporate clients.

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