Only if you have your own invitation.



Are you Planning your next trip to Russia ?


Foreign citizens travelling to Russia, whether they travel for pleasure or business will need to obtain a Visa from the local Russian embassy or consulate . To obtain this VISA you are required to submit a letter of invitation issued by the Federal Migration Service or specially authorized travel agencies in Russia with proper authorization .


We take the burden in providing you this service at a minimal cost and fastest time .


The quickest and safest way to Russia leads through us. Apply for a Visa Invitation Letter here and save money , valuable time and most importantly the headaches and confusion in obtaining your letter of invitation .





We offer 2 types of Invitations 


STEP 1  “Letter of Invitation"


-You  can order a “Letter of Invitation" here. (Links beside)

-We will send you a confirmation with an invoice.

-You will pay the invoice.

-We will send you a “Letter of Invitation”.(Voucher)


STEP 2  "Visa Application Form"


-Collect your “Letter of Invitation” and passport.

-Go to the online "Visa Application Form"( Links beside)


STEP 3  "Collect and deliver"


-Letter of Invitation / Voucher.

-Fully completed visa application form. (Signed and dated)

-Valid national Passport.

-One recent passport-sized photograph. (35 x 45mm)

-Travel insurance valid in Russia

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