What is Russian tourist visa invitation?


It is a special documents confirming that a tourist company invited you to visit the Russian Federation.  It consists of 2 parts and these will be printed on a single piece of paper.  (Confirmation/Voucher)   The inviting company should be registered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Russian Federation and have a valid reference number. This number must be printed on your invitation. It is your right to ask for the certificate at the company's office, just to be sure that everything will go the right way.  Tourist invitation (or visa support) is given for a periode of maximum 30 days.  Please note, a letter from your friends or business partners cannot be regarded as official Russian visa support document and is therefore not valid for obtaining a Russian travel visa. The invitation can be issued only by a registered Russian travel agency or by a company or organization authorized by the MFA.   Russian Travel Service specializes on Russian tourist visa invitations.



Important note: Please note that Russian visas are issued purely according to the information on the invitation. It is important therefore that the information on the request form must match the Traveler's passport and Russian travel plans exactly. Failing to do so might result in VISA rejection at the Embassy.


The passport information on the request form must match the Traveler's passport exactly. Name, Date of Birth, Citizenship, Passport Number and Passport Issue Date must be correct and identical.


Once applied no corrections can be made to the Russian Invitation other than Filling a new Form. We request all are valued customers to always double check the information on the Preview page before Submitting the application.


Fill in the form, and submit the order. Then  you will receive a mail with further instructions.

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